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We recommend:  Schizo-Culture: Cracks In The Street

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Cracks in the Street will feature new exhibition and performance commissions by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson (Terminal Beach), Sidsel Meineche Hansen, and Susan Stenger, alongside recordings and ephemera from the original 1975 event and the Semiotext(e) archive (courtesy of Fales Library and Special Collections, New York), and additional contributions from, amongst others, William Burroughs, Plastique Fantastique (a collaboration between David Burrows & Simon O’Sullivan and others), Vivienne Dick, Orphan Drift, Hedi El Kholti and Sylvère Lotringer.

The project will culminate on December 12-14 with a closing weekend of performances, screenings, live music and discussion addressing many of the socio-political subjects schizo-culture engages with (anti-psychiatry, disciplinary rationalities, philosophy and language). Full details of this event to follow.

Curated by David Morris and Katherine Waugh in collaboration with Paul Pieroni/SPACE. Supported by Arts Council England.

SPACE HQ 129 – 131 Mare Street, Hackney E8 3RH
The White Building Hackney Wick, E9 5EN.

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“We cannot live outside our bodies, our friends, some sort of human cluster, and at the same time, we are bursting out of this situation. The question which poses itself then is one of the conditions which allow the acceptance of the other, the acceptance of a subjective pluralism. It is a matter not only of tolerating another group, another ethnicity, another sex, but also of a desire for dissensus, otherness, difference. Accepting otherness is a question not so much of right as of desire. This acceptance is possible precisely on the condition of assuming the multiplicity within oneself.”
― Félix Guattari, The Guattari Reader


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