About Guattari Reading Circle

Guattari Reading Circle is an open reading project, focusing on the body of work by the French thinker and writer Felix Guattari.

Guattari Reading Circle organizes public reading circles in different institutions like art spaces, hospitals, and schools. The reading circles are always 100 percent open to the public.

Guattari Reading Circle is interested in the site specific reading and in the exchange between space, text and readers.

The Guattari Reading Circle is a nomadic reading group, which is completely open for public participation. The reading group is organised around reading on the spot (without preparation), reading aloud and always focusing on the authorship of the French psychotherapist, semiologist and philosopher Félix Guattari.
The reading group travels through various places and institutional contexts to investigate the relationship between the specific spaces, the act of group reading itself and Félix Guattari’s writing.
Kunsthal Charlottenborg was the first institution to host Guattari Reading Circle with four reading sessions in October 2014 held in one of the galleries. Subsequently a longer full day reading was hosted by the Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans in Roskilde and Bispebjerg Hospital hosted a two hour reading.
In January 2016 Dansehallerne in Copenhagen will host three readings.

The readings are in English.

Guattari Reading Circle is conceptualised and organised by visual artist Arendse Krabbe and visual artist and curator Mathias Kryger.


Antonin Artaud, Les Illusion de l’ame (the illusions of the soul), 1946


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