‘A love of UIQ’ – Academy Radio reading


Join Guattari Reading Circle and  AXEL, FRED, JANICE, MANOU, ROBERT, STEVE, ERIC, FRANCIS & DOMINIQUE, ANTOINE & MICHELE, JENNIFER, BRUNO and UIQ for a reading of Félix Guattari’s 1980s screenplay A Love of UIQ

Friday 27 January 2017 at the Media School’s academy radio, Schools of Visual Art, Kgs Nytorv 1.

The reading starts at 14.00 and lasts for two hours

Meeting place: in the courtyard of the art academy (castle) – please be on time

Please note that this particular reading will be broadcast on the Academy Radio.

Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson in their written introduction to the screenplay:
«In Guattari’s film, the radio station becomes the polyphonic mouthpiece of a hydra-headed movement that the state would try to frame as a form of malicious interference, an alien invader to be repelled, sending tanks into the streets to crush the uprising in scenes that recalled a War of the Worlds-type scenario.»

Guattari Reading Circle is an open reading group focusing on impromptu studies of texts by the French institutional psychotherapist, philosopher and radical activist Félix Guattari (1930-1992). Established around the participation of the public, the reading circle is an itinerant function that responds to and involves the given site and particular group of its gathering – always organised around reading aloud and on the spot (without preparation).

GRC is conceptualised and organized by visual artist Arendse Krabbe and visual artist, curator and critic Mathias Kryger, and was founded in autumn 2014. It has travelled through a number of institutional contexts, investigating the relationship between the specific spaces, the dynamics of the given group and Félix Guattari’s writing and has previously been hosted by Kunsthal Charlottenborg; The Mental Health Center Sct. Hans; The Zoological Collection, Copenhagen University; Bispebjerg Hospital; Medical Museion; Enghave Church; AsylFestival in Trampolinhouse; Aarhus Litteraturcenter; Dansehallerne and the 32nd Saõ Paulo Biennial.



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